EKN Research Point of View Report

Building a New Digital Foundation for Retail and QSR with Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi to Create a Frictionless Omnichannel Experience

Delivering on a unique, consistent and "frictionless" customer experience has been the mantra for the retail and restaurant business for years. A huge element in achieving this goal is having the knowledge and understanding of the customer's behavior across the buyer journey. It is clear that some of the most fundamental data points to understand -- knowing how the omnichannel customer is and what their interests are within the four walls of the store/restaurant -- is still not being achieved.

EKN Research surveyed 60 retail and restaurant executives to provide retailers and QSRs a better view of the current lay-of-the-land with in-store Wi-Fi analytics.

In this report, you'll learn how to:

  • Incentivize customers to login to the in-store Wi-Fi
  • Deploy new Wi-Fi capabilities and location analytics in their stores
  • Deliver new in-store services to shoppers and associates via Wi-Fi

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